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Nandos Menu London, UK 2023

Nandos Menu London, UK opened its first restaurants within the United Kingdom, in 1992, in the west London suburbs of Ealing and Earls Court, initially focusing on takeaway food. The UK arm, owned by the Enthoven family via a private equity company, struggled until chairman Dick Enthoven put his son Robert in control. The focus then moved from takeaways to a mixed service (counter ordering and table service) model.This decision was taken after Nando’s partnered with Harrison, a world-renowned branding and design agency. They also advised Nando’s to design each restaurant individually so no two restaurants were the same, a brand characteristic of the chain. Nando’s expanded in the UK in 1993. The company now employs around 8,000 staff in the UK and as of 2013 had over 280 branches, with some sixty serving food conforming with Islamic dietary laws.

In 2010, Nando’s UK won the Sunday Timess best place to work award in the big company category.Its sauces and marinades were also retailed in UK supermarkets.

Nando’s claims to have the largest collection of South African art in the UK, with over 5,000 works displayed in restaurants; original artworks are commissioned by the company.

Nandos Menu London, UK

Main Courses Description
Flame-Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Options: Whole Chicken, Half Chicken, Quarter Chicken
Peri-Peri sauce intensity choices: Plain, Lemon & Herb, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot
Chicken Espetada Skewered chicken breast cubes served with grilled peppers and onion
Grilled Chicken Wrap Grilled chicken breast wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce, tomato, and mayo
Beanie Burger (Vegetarian) Vegetarian burger made with a spicy bean patty, served with mayo and lettuce
Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Burger (Vegetarian) Grilled portobello mushroom and halloumi cheese in a bun with lettuce and mayo
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Grilled chicken breast on a bed of crispy lettuce, croutons, and Caesar dressing
Chicken Butterfly Succulent chicken breast flattened and grilled, served with or without skin
Peri-Peri Chicken Livers Tender chicken livers marinated in peri-peri sauce, flame-grilled to perfection

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Nandos Menu London, UK


Nandos Menu London, UK Locations

Address : 66-68 Chandos Pl, London WC2N 4HG, United Kingdom

  • 10 Frith St, London W1D 3JF, United Kingdom
  • 12 – 16 York Wy, London N1 9AA, United Kingdom
  • 27 Lime St, London EC3M 7HR, United Kingdom
  • 9-10 Southampton Pl, London WC1A 2EA, United Kingdom
  • 2 Berners St, London W1T 3LA, United Kingdom
  • 197 City Rd, London EC1V 1JN, United Kingdom
  • Unit 1, Royale Leisure Park, Kendal Ave, London W3 0XA, United Kingdom
  • Westfield, Unit 3101-3104, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF, United Kingdom
  • 57-59 Goodge St, London W1T 1TH, United Kingdom
  • Unit 23, The Brunswick Shopping Centre, Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AE, United Kingdom
  • 324 Upper St, London N1 2XQ, United Kingdom
  • Unit 5, The Piazza, Euston Station, Euston Rd., London NW1 2RT, United Kingdom
  • 16-18 St Christopher’s Pl, James St, London W1U 1EG, United Kingdom
  • 113 Baker St, London W1U 6RS, United Kingdom
  • Unit SU48, Level 1 South, One New Change, Cheapside, London EC4M 9AF, United Kingdom
  • 114-118 Commercial St, London E1 6NF, United Kingdom
  • Unit 25-26, Jubilee Place, Bank St, London E14 5NY, United Kingdom

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Nandos Menu London, UK Opening Hours

Monday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Tuesday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Wednesday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Thursday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Friday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Saturday, 11:30 am–10 pm
Sunday, 11:30 am–10 pm


A. Recap of Nando’s menu in London, UK for 2023 In conclusion, Nando’s offers a mouthwatering menu in London, UK for the year 2023. From appetizers to desserts, their menu boasts a variety of delicious options to satisfy every palate. Highlights include their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken available in whole, half, and quarter portions, with a choice of peri-peri sauce intensity ranging from plain to extra hot. Vegetarian options like the Beanie Burger and Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Burger cater to those seeking meat-free alternatives. The menu also features delectable sides like spicy rice, corn on the cob, and coleslaw, as well as tempting desserts such as Natas, Chocolate Brownie, and Caramel Cheesecake. With a diverse selection of drinks, including freshly squeezed lemonade, milkshakes, and fruit juices, Nando’s ensures there’s something for everyone.

B. Invitation to visit Nando’s and explore the menu options If you find yourself in London, UK, we invite you to visit Nando’s and experience their tantalizing menu firsthand. Whether you’re a fan of succulent grilled chicken, flavorful vegetarian options, or irresistible desserts, Nando’s has it all. Their inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and commitment to quality make it a perfect destination for a satisfying meal. So come and explore the menu options, indulge in the vibrant flavors of peri-peri, and enjoy a memorable dining experience at Nando’s.

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