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Nando’s Winter Menu Prices UK

From heartwarming main courses to delectable sides and indulgent desserts, Nando’s Winter Menu is crafted to provide a delightful culinary journey, ensuring that each bite resonates with the cozy and festive ambiance of the winter season. Seasonal menus have become a common and exciting trend in the dynamic landscape of the restaurant industry. This innovative approach involves the periodic introduction of new dishes, flavors, and ingredients to align with the changing seasons. It serves as a reflection of culinary creativity and a celebration of the unique offerings each season brings. Seasonal menus are not only a testament to a restaurant’s adaptability but also a way to engage customers with fresh, in-season ingredients, offering a diverse and ever-evolving dining experience. This approach allows chefs to showcase their creativity, experiment with flavors, and keep patrons eagerly anticipating the next culinary adventure.

Nando’s, renowned for its flame-grilled peri-peri chicken and innovative culinary approach, embraces the seasonal spirit with its Winter Menu. As temperatures drop and the winter chill sets in, Nando’s introduces a curated selection of dishes that capture the essence of the season. The Winter Menu is a celebration of warmth, comfort, and unique flavor profiles, offering a distinctive twist to the restaurant’s signature peri-peri experience. Let’s explore the unique and tempting offerings that make the Nando’s Winter Menu a must-try during this chilly time of the year.

Nando’s Winter Menu Prices UK

As daylight dwindles and temperatures plummet, Nando’s is turning up the heat with its latest winter menu. Boasting an array of both novel and beloved dishes, this seasonal offering promises to envelop you in warmth and satisfy your taste buds.

New Additions

The star of the winter menu is the much-anticipated PERi-Mac & Cheese. This comforting creation features macaroni pasta smothered in a luscious PERi-PERi cheese sauce, crowned with a crispy garlicky PERi-PERi crumb. A true winter comfort classic, sure to banish the chill.

Another newcomer is the Leafy Green Salad, a vibrant mix of assorted greens, cucumber, tomato, and red onion, all elegantly dressed in a zesty lemon and herb vinaigrette. Offering a refreshing and health-conscious option, it serves as a delightful side dish or a light lunch.

Returning for a limited time, the Smoky Churrasco sauce makes a spicy and smoky comeback. Crafted from chipotle peppers, adobo peppers, and a harmonious blend of spices, this sauce adds an extra kick to various dishes, from the Garlic Churrasco Burger to the PERi-PERi Chicken Butterfly.

Pricing Details

For those curious about the cost of these winter delights, here’s a breakdown:

  • PERi-Mac & Cheese: £4.75
  • Leafy Green Salad: £4.25
  • Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi sauce (30ml): £0.75

Additionally, the winter menu retains its timeless favorites, such as the Garlic Churrasco Burger, the PERi-PERi Chicken Butterfly, and the PERi-PERi Chips, all maintaining their regular prices.

With a tantalizing mix of fresh and familiar flavors, Nando’s winter menu guarantees a satisfying experience for all. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in these seasonal delights—head to your nearest Nando’s and let the warmth of their delectable offerings melt away the winter chill.

Featured Winter Dishes at Nando’s: A Celebration of Seasonal Flavors

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, Nando’s is unveiling a collection of featured dishes that not only warm the soul but also elevate the dining experience with a winter-inspired twist.

New Peri-Peri Chicken Variations: Igniting the Winter Palate

Nando’s has taken its iconic peri-peri chicken to new heights with seasonal variations that showcase the perfect fusion of warmth and spice. The star of the show is the PERi-Mac & Cheese—a comforting harmony of macaroni pasta enveloped in a creamy PERi-PERi cheese sauce, crowned with a crunchy garlicky PERi-PERi crumb. This indulgent delight is a must-try for those seeking the quintessential comfort food experience during the colder months.

Winter-Inspired Sides and Accompaniments: A Symphony of Flavors

Accompanying the stellar peri-peri chicken variations are sides that mirror the winter season’s essence. The Leafy Green Salad emerges as a refreshing and health-conscious option, featuring a medley of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and red onion, all elegantly dressed in a lemon and herb vinaigrette. These sides contribute not only to the visual appeal of the meal but also add layers of flavor and texture, creating a well-rounded dining experience.

Limited-Time Offerings Exclusive to the Winter Menu: Savory Surprises

Adding an extra layer of excitement, Nando’s brings back the much-loved Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi sauce for a limited time. Crafted from chipotle peppers, adobo peppers, and a blend of spices, this spicy and smoky sauce provides a flavorful kick that enhances various dishes, making it a sought-after addition for those craving an extra dash of warmth and zest.

These featured winter dishes at Nando’s promise to transport diners into a world where flame-grilled perfection meets seasonal innovation. With a delectable array of peri-peri chicken variations, sides bursting with freshness, and exclusive limited-time offerings, the winter menu at Nando’s is a celebration of culinary creativity and a delightful escape from the winter blues.

Flavor Profiles and Culinary Inspirations: Unveiling the Essence of Nando’s Winter Dishes

As Nando’s introduces its winter menu, it’s not just about warmth against the cold; it’s a culinary journey that explores intricate flavor profiles and draws inspiration from diverse regional and cultural influences.

Exploring the Flavor Profiles of Winter Dishes: A Symphony on the Palate

Each dish on Nando’s winter menu is a carefully crafted masterpiece, showcasing a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. The PERi-Mac & Cheese takes center stage with its rich and creamy PERi-PERi cheese sauce, providing a delightful fusion of cheesy indulgence and the signature peri-peri spice. The Leafy Green Salad, dressed in a lemon and herb vinaigrette, adds a refreshing and zesty note to the ensemble, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. The limited-time Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi sauce introduces a bold and spicy element, rounding off the winter dishes with a kick of warmth.

Mentioning Regional or Cultural Inspirations for the Winter Menu Items: A Global Culinary Tapestry

Nando’s has always been known for drawing inspiration from global culinary traditions, and the winter menu is no exception. The PERi-Mac & Cheese pays homage to the comforting American classic with a peri-peri twist, creating a dish that transcends cultural boundaries. The Leafy Green Salad, with its vibrant mix of fresh ingredients, reflects a commitment to health-conscious dining inspired by various global culinary trends. The Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi sauce, with its blend of chipotle and adobo peppers, brings a touch of Latin American flair, adding depth and complexity to the winter offerings.

In essence, Nando’s winter menu is a celebration of flavors and inspirations that know no bounds. It invites diners to embark on a sensory journey that transcends borders, embracing the diversity of global cuisines while offering a comforting and delightful respite from the winter chill.

Warm and Comforting Sides of Nando’s Winter Menu

Nando's Winter Menu

As the winter season unfolds, Nando’s presents a selection of sides that not only complement the chill in the air but also elevate the dining experience to new heights.

Overview of Sides that Complement the Winter Season: A Culinary Embrace of Warmth

Nando’s, known for its mastery in peri-peri chicken, extends its expertise to sides that embody the essence of winter comfort. The familiar PERi-PERi Chips, with their thick-cut perfection, take on a new significance as they pair seamlessly with the winter menu, offering a crispy and flavorful companion to every bite. The Garlic Bread, a classic favorite, becomes more than just a side; it becomes a warm and fragrant embrace, providing a comforting touch to the winter dining affair.

Description of Any New or Specially Crafted Winter Sides: Innovations to Savor

While some sides remain beloved classics, Nando’s introduces innovative winter sides that capture the spirit of the season. The introduction of the PERi-Mac & Cheese brings a cheesy delight with a garlicky PERi-PERi crumb, creating a side that resonates with both familiarity and novelty. These sides are not just accompaniments but integral components that contribute to the overall warmth and satisfaction of the winter dining experience.

Emphasizing the Role of Sides in Creating a Complete Winter Dining Experience: Beyond the Main Course

In the symphony of flavors that the winter menu orchestrates, sides play a crucial role in creating a complete dining experience. They are not merely additions but contributors to the narrative of warmth and comfort. The cozy indulgence of the PERi-Mac & Cheese or the familiar bliss of Garlic Bread complements the peri-peri chicken, enriching the winter dining affair with layers of taste and texture.

Nando’s winter sides are crafted not just to accompany but to enhance, creating a culinary journey where every element, from the main course to the sides, contributes to a memorable and comforting winter dining experience.

Customisation and Personalisation Options

Nando’s winter menu not only brings warmth to your plate but also invites you to customize and personalize your dining experience. Explore a range of options that allow you to craft a winter meal that suits your taste preferences and dietary needs.

Detailing Any Customization Options for Winter Dishes: Your Winter, Your Way

Winter dishes at Nando’s are not one-size-fits-all; they are a canvas for your culinary preferences. Choose your preferred spice level for peri-peri chicken, ranging from mild to extra hot, to create a winter dish that aligns with your desired level of heat. Whether you’re seeking a comforting warmth or an exhilarating spice adventure, the choice is yours.

Exploring Ways Customers Can Tailor Their Winter Dining Experience: Creating Your Culinary Symphony

Nando’s empowers customers to tailor their winter dining experience by providing a variety of customization options. Consider bone-in or boneless chicken, whole or individual portions, allowing you to curate a winter meal that suits your appetite and preference. The winter menu is not just a set offering; it’s an invitation to craft your unique culinary journey.

Mentioning Spice Levels, Dietary Accommodations, or Customizable Combos: Your Winter, Your Rules

For those with specific dietary needs or preferences, Nando’s winter menu accommodates various choices. Explore vegetarian options, gluten-free sides, and customizable combos that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you’re seeking a hearty winter feast or a lighter, health-conscious meal, Nando’s provides the flexibility to customize your order accordingly.

Winter dining at Nando’s is more than a set menu; it’s an interactive experience where you have the reins. Customize your peri-peri chicken, select sides that resonate with your taste buds, and create a winter meal that reflects your individuality. Warm up to a personalized dining adventure at Nando’s this winter.


What are the new items on Nando’s Winter Menu?

Based on your query and additional research, I’ve gathered information about Nando’s Winter Menu 2023, which underwent changes in October of that year. The updated winter menu featured exciting new additions alongside enduring favorites:

New Additions:

  1. PERi-Mac & Cheese: A definite crowd-pleaser, this dish combined creamy macaroni pasta with Nando’s signature PERi-PERi cheese sauce, topped with a crunchy garlicky PERi-PERi crumb, creating a delightful and comforting experience.
  2. Leafy Green Salad: Introducing a healthier option, this refreshing salad comprised mixed leafy greens, cucumber, tomato, and red onion, all elegantly dressed with a lemon and herb vinaigrette, offering a light and nutritious choice.
  3. Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi Sauce: Available for a limited time, this smoky and spicy sauce added a new dimension to the menu. Crafted with chipotle peppers, adobo peppers, and a blend of spices, it provided a tantalizing flavor boost to various dishes.

Existing Favorites:

In addition to these newcomers, Nando’s retained its popular mainstays, including the renowned Garlic Churrasco Burger, PERi-PERi Chicken Butterfly, and PERi-PERi Chips, ensuring that patrons could continue to enjoy their preferred classics.

Expanded Menu Options:

For those looking beyond the winter-themed offerings, Nando’s provided a diverse array of menu selections. From chicken platters and salads to appetizers and desserts, the menu catered to a broad spectrum of tastes, ensuring there was something for every palate.

Feel free to explore the expanded winter menu at Nando’s to savor both the new and familiar flavors that await you. Whether you’re in the mood for comforting classics or eager to try the latest additions, Nando’s provides a delightful dining experience for all.

What are the prices for the new winter menu items?

The pricing details for the fresh additions to Nando’s Winter Menu 2023 are as follows:

  1. PERi-Mac & Cheese: £4.75
  2. Leafy Green Salad: £4.25
  3. Smoky Churrasco PERi-PERi Sauce (30ml): £0.75

These prices reflect the cost of each delectable item, allowing you to plan and enjoy your winter dining experience at Nando’s.

Are there any new burgers on the winter menu?

While Nando’s Winter Menu 2023 didn’t unveil any new burger creations, it did welcome back a beloved classic – the Garlic Churrasco Burger. This fan-favorite featured two succulent flame-grilled chicken thighs, complemented by the vibrant combination of pink pickled onions and mixed salad leaves. Elevating the experience was the introduction of the all-new Smoky Churrasco PERinaise, all nestled within a flavorful garlic bread burger bun.

Are there any vegan options on the winter menu?

Nando’s Winter Menu 2023 maintained its commitment to vegan offerings, although no new items were introduced. The existing vegan options on the menu included:

  1. Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle: Served with pitta bread.
  2. Spiced Mixed Olives: Served with garlic, peppers, and mushrooms.
  3. The Great Imitator Wrap: Featuring pea protein PERi-Plant strips, plant-based Garlic PERinaise, lettuce, and chilli jam.
  4. PERi-Salted Chips: Topped with PERi-PERi salt.
  5. Extra: Grilled Pineapple.

Additionally, for those looking to add a flavorful kick, Nando’s offers a range of vegan sauces, including Lemon & Herb, Mango and Lime, Medium, Garlic, Hot, Extra Hot, Vegan PERinaise, Sweet Chilli Jam, and Ketchup. Please be aware that the availability of vegan options may vary by location.

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